Ubisoft Partners With Double Jump.Tokyo to Implement Web3 in Its Games

Ubisoft, the French AAA game developer, has recently announced a partnership with Double Jump.Tokyo, a Web3 gaming company, to accelerate the implementation of Web3 elements in their games. As a first step, Double Jump.Tokyo will issue NFTs for Champion Tactics, a game still in development, on top of Home Verse, an Oasys L2 structure with zero gas fees.

Ubisoft, a France-based AAA gaming publisher and developer, is pushing its Web3 and blockchain agenda. Last week, the company inked a partnership with Double Jump.Tokyo, a developer specializing in Web3 elements and gaming, to implement such elements in some of its games moving forward.

The first part of this partnership involves the issuance of non-fungible tokens for Champions Tactics, a tactical role-playing game (RPG) currently still under development at Ubisoft. For this task, Double Jump.Tokyo will leverage Home Verse, an L2 structure on top of Oasys, a gaming-oriented blockchain, given its high transaction speeds and zero gas fees.

Ubisoft has been consistent in trying to add Web3 elements to some of its franchises, having received mixed reactions so far. The company has invested in Web3 startups such as Animoca Brands and also launched an in-house NFT platform in 2021.

On the benefits of this particular alliance, Didier Genevois, Ubisoft Web3 Technical and Product Director, stated:

We’re always on the lookout for new partnerships that take gaming and entertainment to the next level. We think this partnership will offer valuable insights on how decentralized technology can mix with gaming.

Double Jump.Tokyo will help the project reach Asian gamers more easily, facilitating the entrance to the Asian market. “Partnering with a renowned global industry leader like Ubisoft empowers us to continue our unwavering pursuit of delivering exceptional games to communities while accelerating the worldwide adoption of web3 gaming technology,” said Hironobu Ueno, CEO of Double Jump.Tokyo.

Ubisoft and Double Jump.Tokyo are both validators of Oasys, the blockchain that hosts Home Verse.

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