Space and Time Unveils Sub-Second ZK Prover, Now Open-Sourced

With goals set on advancing blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) integration, Space and Time has publicly released its high-speed zero-knowledge prover, Proof of SQL, under an open software license. The team says the release marks a notable shift towards more efficient data verification processes in blockchain applications.

Released on Github, Proof of SQL enables developers to validate SQL database queries cryptographically, ensuring data integrity without relying on traditional trust mechanisms. According to the announcement Space and Time (SxT) shared with News, the tool supports both onchain and offchain datasets, facilitating the development of data-driven smart contracts.

By enhancing transaction verification speeds, Space and Time’s prover aims to bolster the efficiency of decentralized finance (defi) protocols. “Space and Time is thrilled to lead Web3 into a new era of data-driven smart contracts and the next generation of DeFi,” Jay White, the co-founder and head of research at SxT, and the inventor of the Proof of SQL protocol stated.

White added:

Our team pioneered sub-second ZK proofs so that smart contracts and AI agents can ask questions about a chain’s activity, as well as offchain data, and receive back trustless SQL query results onchain during a transaction without having to wait for 30 minute proof times.

SxT details that Proof of SQL distinguishes itself by executing analytic queries over substantial datasets in under a second—a stark contrast to the 30-minute proof times typical of existing solutions. With its release, the technology is available for community experimentation and further development. Going forward, SxT promises substantial improvements over generalized zero-knowledge virtual machines (zkVMs) and co-processors in processing large data volumes.

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