Solana Labs Launches Bond, a Blockchain Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Solana Labs announced the launch of Bond, a platform that uses blockchain and cryptocurrency structures to establish links between brands and their customers. Bond will offer different features, including digital collectives, authentication of luxury goods, and digital passports for products, all built on top of the Solana blockchain for low costs and scalability purposes.

Solana Labs, a software boutique focused on building Solana-based products, announced the launch of Bond. This platform seeks to solve the problems linked to traditional loyalty programs with blockchain. While established loyalty and engagement solutions usually depend on third parties, Bond proposes to link the first-party vendor with the customers, establishing a bond that goes beyond the sale of an article.

Bond, according to Solana Labs’ data, provides functionality for different processes, including issuing digital collectibles through the minting of custom non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be issued by brand campaigns. Another functionality that Bond provides is the authentication of digital products, which can be done using blockchain to solve the problem of counterfeited goods.

Also, it can enhance the understating of customers about their products through digital product passports (DPP), a set of personalized data that identifies the process of production and the materials used to manufacture an item.

These interactions also produce more data, giving brands a panorama of the kind of customers that purchase their products, and allowing them to craft new campaigns targeting those demographics. Consequently, through this direct relationship with the consumer, each brand can design its loyalty program strategy, incentivizing customers to use its products and services through exclusive rewards.

Solana Labs declares that Bond is built on top of Solana to take advantage of the low fees and scalability this network provides to produce a seamless user experience. Bond’s benefits, according to David Hart, head of Web3 gaming API Gameshift, is that it manages to abstract the complexities of blockchain integration “to the point where blockchain becomes virtually invisible to end customers.”

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